Bedwetting & Sleepovers

As you get older, you might start getting invited to more sleepovers with friends. But if you’re having accidents at night, you might not feel comfortable saying yes. The good news is that there’s nothing to worry about. We’ve got some tips to help you easily manage the situation:


Since your body is changing every day, you might start feeling more aware about what’s going on with you. That might also make you more conscious about bedwetting. The thing to remember is that what you’re going through is common with others your age, and something many other teens are experiencing too.

Talk to someone

Don’t hesitate to ask your parents or carers to help you out with advice and planning.

Pack bedwetting pants

Accidents can happen - but bedwetting pants help make managing the situation easier, so that you can wake up relaxed and enjoy time with your friends.

Relax and enjoy

A sleepover is fun. So don’t focus on thinking about accidents at night time, and spend time enjoying!